Project: Labyrinth
The Mediation and healing garden

Location: PARC Center
Carmel New York 10512
Size: 40' x 40'

Concept: A sanctuary for the clients, visitors and employees of PARC. Designed as an intimate pocket park for relaxation, meditation and a place where people can connect with nature

Teaching programs and events are being developed around seasonal garden activities to give PARC clients a chance to touch, feel, really get their hands dirty.

The The garden will be an example of Xeriscape and organic garden practices combining beauty, good design and earth friendly concepts that naturally complement each other.

Many items for the garden will be repurposed and recycled such as our benches and stools made from reclaimed pilings.

But mostly Project Labyrinth is about people and how some small interaction with nature can change perspectives and heal lives.

Jun 17, 2008


The garden is open, I hesitate to label it complete because gardens are always a work in progress and we have lots of small details left and yes...always more plants.

For me it has been a terrific process. I was great to see so meet so many of you that volunteered for the project and really meant something. I appreciate the many thanks I have received from PARC and staff but really the thanks goes to Teddi Barry and her staff for bringing me in on the project and allowing me to give something to the PARC community that will continue to give back for years to come. The pleasure was all mine and I loved creating it.

The planting will only continue to get fuller, tighter and more lush as seasons come and go. Below is some photos of our newly planted project...A great start!

Jun 15, 2008

Key Bank Volunteer Day

Key Bank employees organized a volunteer day and chose our project as this years volunteer effort. They were fantastic, enthusiastic crew and finished every project we had on our the rain..!

Thanks so much Key Bank!

Apr 30, 2008


Garden entrance!
I think Teddi & I both had the same reaction..WOW...!!! The volunteers that worked on Saturday 4-26 Rocked...! They were really great. I was a fun day, we achieved tons, and we had some good food too.
Here's teddi!

We really cannot thank the over 17 people who worked and worked and worked. It was all I could do to keep up with questions and assignments. Thank you all so much!

Next we will do the major planting and install the decorative gravel on the paths and who knows...maybe a few containers.

We appreciate you!

Entrance arbor installed

Jeff and Julie Redfield
clean up duties

Building rustic benches

Wave for the camera!
Digging digging digging

Apr 24, 2008


George Monaco's team has completed the base work for the garden. Thanks George! We have the pathway base constructed and Most of the compost and topsoil installed. The Garden has used 11 cubic yards of a 50% mix of pure compost and filtered topsoil.
Check out these photos

View from the future main entrance to the garden

Luke owner of Rustic Garden Structures
He custom built and delivered the entrance arbor, pictures coming soon!